Maternity Belly Painting

Capture this magical moment in Paint!

There are so many moments to capture during your pregnancy. As your baby bump grows from a tiny peanut to a round melon, it becomes the perfect canvas. Time to let your imagination run free! What will inspire your family? Are you looking to capture the beautiful maternity belly with a baby bump depicting a garden of butterflies, birds, a mandala, a meaningful quote in clouds? Or are you the family that wants to depict the baby breaking out saying, “Times Up” or here’s your “Eviction Notice…”  We don’t judge! We just want to have fun with you and your family on this joyous occasion. Let’s make this day about mom. Who are you? What makes you smile? What colors do you love? Our “Mommy Consultation” will help us find the best option for mom-to-be’s belly, and the finished product will add forever memories to your maternity picture book.

Our Founder and main artist, Laura, loves to create personalized designs for such a special time in a woman’s life. This is a memorable way to capture this special moment. A painted belly will make your maternity photo shoot special and also create unique family portraits.  

A “Mommy Consultation” is done prior to the session, where we finalize the design and give the mom-to-be special tips to get prepared for such a special day. 

**Gift certificates are now available and they make the best baby shower gift. Contact Paint2Smile today to book your belly painting session, or to get someone you love the gift of belly painting.

Paint My Belly

These are at home sessions. Laura goes to you, so you can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience in the comfort of your home or place of your choice. 

Laura travels across the continental US for this session.

Laura has headquarters in Raleigh/Durham and Northern NJ/ NY. She also travels to surrounding areas. Depending on travel distance additional travel fees may apply.

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