The Corporate Experiences

Would you like to improve your staff’s morale or culture?

Studies have consistently shown that companies with happy, fulfilled employees produce much more efficiently, therefore increasing the company’s bottom line.

At Paint 2 Smile we understand how important it is for companies like yours, to have a cohesive,efficient team. Making sure your team members are physically, mentally and emotionally well is in everyone’s best interest. Our immersive experiences are designed to spark creativity, bring out everyone’s inner artist, and encourage participants to work together to achieve a common goal. This has been proven to translate into increased team morale, camaraderie and overall company culture.

Our guided paint experiences can be accommodated to focus around:

Team building

Staff appreciation


Company’s Culture

We are committed to creating experiences that are not only fun, but that relax each participant as they paint.

Our virtual experiences are designed to connect participants in the Continental US. We will assure every participant receives high quality paint kits right at their door. Each kit is curated based on the design that you choose. Our paint selections make it easy for any artists’ levels to follow along. You can choose one design for everyone, or go for a Puzzle Mosaic design and build one giant masterpiece together as a team. 

Our corporate paint kits include canvas, tabletop easel, reusable apron/paint cup and set of brushes, paper towels, and even a step by step instructions for those that need additional time to finish their masterpiece or can not attend the live instruction. A recording is not permitted during our painting experiences.

Every kit can be customized with your company logo, additional items can also be branded, and if you have an idea of a design that is not available in our options, we can customize that too. Our kits also make excellent staff appreciation gifts!

Let Paint 2 Smile help bring creativity to all of your team-building events!

Contact us, and we will take care of the rest.