Our Values


We are passionate about color.


The one thing you must do in the creative process is enjoy it. The process is more important than the result.

Self- Expression

Just BE you. We want all participants to allow their creativity to flourish .


We turn people into walking pieces of art that celebrate life.

About our founder

Art and Culture has been a medium for her to express herself and remain connected to her roots. Laura was born in Colombia; at the age of nine Laura migrated to the USA with her Mother. Laura’s talent, love and passion for the arts led her to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in art history. She also holds a post baccalaureate degree in art education.



In addition to being an educator, Laura enjoyed providing face painting at parties and retail stores throughout her college and career years. In 2015, she decided to turn face painting into a sustainable business that she named “Paint 2 Smile”.


Paint 2 Smile originally offered only face painting. Later on, other services such as body painting and maternity belly were added to the service list. Since the 2020 Pandemic crisis, she has been able to create a virtual environment by providing online classes and  customizable art kits.


In the new norm of having to have to redesign our world by social distancing, Laura has been able to break those barriers by creating creative virtual ecosystems for individuals to thrive and express their creativity and connect with their personal and professional communities. 




Our mission is to provide art experiences utilizing different painting mediums and techniques that enable participants to explore their inner artist, celebrate their culture and coexist in safe spaces.  


We believe everyone is an artist. We also believe art brings professional and personal communities together, this is why we paint.


” I always wanted to instill the love for the arts in children; we are
all children and therefore we are all artists”                 

– Laura Hoyos



Laura has taught graphic design and fine arts in middle school and high school .Laura enjoys working with her local community and is always engaging in helping others. 

She is a proud graduate of three different entrepreneurial programs in the state of New Jersey:

   – HETP  & LETS with the Statewide Hispanic chamber of commerce of New Jersey.  2019 & 2020

   – Rising Tide Capital community business academy. 2019 

   – WCEC Fast Growth track entrepreneurial program. 2020 

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